Our Services

  • Nursing Home

At DSCP will believe every elderly has to be treated with care and respect. We ensure they feel safe in the new enviroment. Research has shown that older people are vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation which has huge impact on their mental health. This informed the need to establish Home Care.
Our centre provides the opportunity for our clients to relate with one another, promoting friendship in old age.


  • Home and day care for the aged at the center

This is our home based service, in which clients are cared for right in their environment by carers under the supervision of a qualified Nurse. We diversify our services in this way because some people would prefer to live their last days in an environment they are used to all their life. Some don’t find old People’s home culturally acceptable to them.


  • Excursions within the city

Occasionally, our clients are taken out for relaxation at public centers like Trans Amusement Park and Shopping malls. We also drive around the city especially with visits to historical sites and allow them to say their stories on the sites as this relieves boredom. Each outing experience brightens them and reminds them of early life with stories to tell.


  • Village Outreach

We understand that caring for the elderly is an emerging field in the health sector in Nigeria and our team used available research evidence to plan activities for our clients, in order to maintain their heath and well being as advised by the World health Organization (WHO).
One of the ways we achieve the objective of supporting and encouraging our elderly population to have a normal life is by reaching out to the communities.


  • Recreational Services with their age group

Studies revealed that stimulation through games, quiz, music, reading, conversation and other cultural activities play roles in health and well being of the elderly. Oscar Ybarra of Institute of Social Research tested a large group of people up to 96 years old and found out that just 10 minutes of conversation with a friend worked just as well as elderly activities involving brain games.
We ensure that our clients engage in at least one activity per day with different social activities that can foster friendship and reduce isolation such as indoor games and quiz competitions.


  • Giving care in their homes
  • Regular Medical Check Ups and Nursing Care
  • Health Talks and Social Discussions
  • Follow Up Visits