Research has shown that older people are vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation which has a huge impact on their mental health. Our center provides the opportunity for our clients to relate with one another, thereby promoting friendship in old age. Personal injury is one of the main health problems among old aged. Considerable effort is put in place to prevent injuries from falls. All clients receive around the clock supervision. In severe illness we refer to the hospital and we prevent bed-sore for those bed-ridden.


This is our home based service, in which clients are cared for right in their environment, by carers under the supervision of a qualified Nurse. We diversify our services in this way because some people will prefer to live their last days in an environment they have been used to all their life. Some do not find old people’s home culturally acceptable to them.


Divine Senior Citizens sends staffs to villages to enable the elderly in those villages have a touch of our services. The focus is to improve their health status by educating on health issues, we check vital signs, distribute food items and beverages as need be. The sick are referred to the hospital with follow up.


This is a program we organize at regular intervals through which the elderly are brought together from various backgrounds irrespective of their economic status, educational attainment and social position. At the forum, we invite various professionals to educate them on their areas of competence, e.g Medical professionals will give health talks while lawyers will talk on the importance of will preparation. The forum is followed by games and entertainments.


Occasionally our clients are taken out for relaxation at public centers, we also drive around the city, visiting historical sites while we allow discussions on those sites. This outreach enlivens them and reminds them of their youth. We also provide games at the center, our games include T.V trivia game show, Ayo-Opon, Ludo e.t.c.




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