In the 20th century, communal living was dominant, where extended family lived together and gave each other company and care till death. The system provided an elderly to lean on the younger family members for care and comfort. However this communal living has reduced drastically in the 21st century, with more emphasis on the Nuclear family system. With the change in system came a vacuum, the Old Aged no longer have family members around them at all times, proving care and comfort. Many aged are battling illness such as loneliness, poverty, health issues, social and psychological problems.

The founders of the Divine Senior Citizens Palace Foundation, identified this gap in our social responsibility through interaction with a cross section of elderly and therefore put heads together to establish this foundation, which was formed in 2011.

The team working in Divine Senior Citizens Palace Foundation comprises of 25 well qualified and experienced staffs. Our training as a Medical practitioners provided us with the inspiration and confidence to venture into the difficult areas of the care for the elderly.

Mrs Adekunbi Daramola (Managing Director)







Mrs. Esther Olajide (Principal Nursing Officer Rtd.) (Project Manager)
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