Divine Senior Citizen palace is a Non-Governmental Organization set up primarily to help Senior citizens age gracefully while adding quality to life to be spent living. Old age has become critical due to the economic pursuits of children of senior citizens who are either out the country or very busy with work/business schedule. Old age has become an harrowing experience for a lot of senior citizens.

Divine Senior Citizens Palace creates a safe environment for the old aged to live and socialize in a way that helps them maintain their vigor, vitality, dynamism and psychology. Senior Citizens feel vulnerable as a result of isolation, partial or absolute solitude which often disappears while they socialize with fellow senior citizens and trained hands that understand their peculiarities and empathize with their weakness.

We are committed to helping the seniors age gracefully, add quality life to years though home nursing care, regular medical checkups and supervised recreational activities among their pals.


Kindly fill our form and send to info@seniorcitizenpalace.com

Call us on: 234-08034115168 / 234-08036202001